Out of the Ashes of Scorpio Comes Rebirth in Osaka


Osaka City Station

It was quite ironic that the day I moved to Japan my 84-year-old father died. I got the news after boarding my flight to San Francisco on my way to Osaka June 24. Literally I was flying over my childhood home Boulder, Colorado when I got a text from my sister that he had passed.  The irony that our family history involves so much with Japan from World War II. 

I had to continue on, to complete the visa requirements and all the luggage I was bringing. Once in San Francisco, I headed to the United Airlines lounge like I had in the past near the gate and showing my business class ticket, explaining that my father had just passed away and I just need to sit down in a corner and call my brother.

“You can’t stay here!” The United Lounge attendant said. “This is first class! Go down the airport to the other lounge!” I was disgusted and hurt. So instead of wandering around trying to find the next lounge, I called my brother in Colorado where I spent 38 years from the gate and flew to Osaka. He said nothing happens fast. So I decided to continue on rather than turn back.

I got my residency card, a bank account with the relocation specialist, Nancy Baldwin of Relo Japan. My husband and I settled in in our apartment on the 35th floor in the Shinmachi district of Osaka. A plethora of shops and restaurants and everything within a few blocks, as well as that amazing train system in Japan.

I left behind so much in Colorado that has died – my traumatic childhood, my late father, mother and late little sister.  I left behind so much stuff in my father’s house – furniture from my late husband, my kids’ baby clothes, childhood school stuff, antiques, books. A real purge, which included a burning of old financial documents and divorce crap from my ex husband. The smell of smoke began to fill the house, and I ritualistically showered and disposed of my clothing afterward. That is magic.

And I had a Vedic astrology reading in early May that portended all this. That there would be an event in July to remove final old stuff… I had a feeling it would be my father and the house… I dreaded it. “Out of the ashes of Scorpio comes rebirth.

Indeed it came true. I went back to Colorado a week later for bereavement. I dealt, thanks to my loving husband. We survived. We got out. We are back in Japan. And that is another story to be told here and more.

I will be blogging here on living in Osaka and all the things mindful and wonderful about living and traveling in Japan. As well as reflecting on my 50 years of life in the United States. And of course there is my other blog of my Mythic Yoga practice and Storytime Yoga. 

It is a time of rebirth. Life goes on. Mindfully in Osaka.



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