Photography & Artwork of Japan by Sydney Solis Available

I Spy Japanese Eye! Photography of Japan by Sydney Solis!

I Spy Japanese Eye! Photography of Japan by Sydney Solis! Osaka, Japan

The wonderful thing about my new life in Japan, that at 51 years of age I am reborn! I recently cut all my hair off and went white.

15 long years since my first husband died and raising my two children on my own are done!

My kids turned out amazing, splendid – I’m so proud of them! I’m remarried to my perfectly matched soul mate and have never been so happy or healthy in my life!!!!

So the next phase of my life is here! Before I became a kids yoga teacher, founding the pioneering Storytime Yoga and Mythic Yoga, I was a news journalist and photographer. I paid my way through college myself as a wedding photographer, and I won first place in the Transitions Abroad Magazine College Travel Photography contest. I worked as a journalist, editing and writing for newspapers like the Bakersfield Californian, The Boulder, Colorado Daily Camera , The News in Mexico City and Digital Video Magazine in San Francisco.

Katsuo-ji in Minoo, Japan. By Sydney Solis.

Katsuo-ji in Minoo, Japan. By Sydney Solis.

I have decided to return to my writing and photography. So I’m excited to announce my portfolio of photography and mixed media collage!  Many years of photos are in there – I used to work with silver gelatin printing, and for many years for a commercial photographer in Boulder, Colorado. My travels from Latin America to Europe to The Caribbean and United States are there. There are also plenty of pictures of Japan!


Fall color explosion in Minoo, Japan. Photo by Sydney Solis.

More of my photography and fine art products, everything from metal prints to bathmats you can get these days, are on my sites of Society6 and Fine Art America.  I also have I -phone stock photography of Japan available on Stockimo, and high-resolution DSLR stock photography of Japan available on Alamy. 

I’m still writing, of course, and will publish the numerous manuscripts I’ve written over the years, as well continue writing this blog. Travel is booming in Japan, and the demand for English-language reporting is huge. I’ve also been hired by Taiken Japan to write travel articles and take pictures! What fun! My dream come true!


Used kimonos for sale at the Kitano Tennmangu Shinto Shrine sale in Kyoto, Japan. Photo by Sydney Solis.

You always get what you wanted, just not the way you expected it! All that is required is to follow your bliss! Live authentically and don’t take be afraid to make big changes when necessary!  No matter what the cost! I did! And that made all the difference! That’s what I am, the result of my Mythic Yoga Journey!

So enjoy my photographs, support your local artist! I am heading to the Kyoto International Photography Festival soon and will be hosting a Poetry Reading in Kyoto for Writers in Kyoto as well June 24. And so much more! Stay tuned!


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