Conscientious Japan’s Ethos – In Pictures

Japan works as a society because its Buddhist principles regard every person and object of nature as worthy of reverence and part of one's own self. There is no separation. What you do to another is what you do to yourself, because you are a product of nature, and nature is a product of you. … Continue reading Conscientious Japan’s Ethos – In Pictures


Wandering and Wisteria Hunting in Uji, Kyoto

As a Florida Master Gardener I obsess over flowers. Our 35th floor Osaka apartment has been wonderful, but everything green I've tried to grow has inexplicably died. So I'm out and about all the time anyways hunting Japan's seasonal flower cycles, like Sakura,¬†cherry blossoms, that passed in April. Roses and peonies are now blooming insanely … Continue reading Wandering and Wisteria Hunting in Uji, Kyoto