Food, Glorious Japanese Food!


Great Japanese tea!

I have been busy publishing articles about Japanese food! I have gotten so healthy and lost weight living here in Japan. I Love to share all about Japanese food and its benefits!

Here’s a collection of some of my latest work.

• I started a new food blog called Healthy Food Japan. Follow me there too! My latest post is all about miso, a Japanese super food, and it includes my East-West version of miso soup!

• I’ve written about the benefits of a Japanese diet before and I am convinced about following the healthy traditional ways of Japanese eating! I also wrote about this great vegan restaurant Paprika Shokudo a few blocks from our apartment!

• I have been writing the Food Spotting section in Kansai Scene Magazine. About great restaurants I come across! Last month it was about Vegetarian Indian food in Osaka, and this month it’s about Matcha Cafes I’ve explored from Kobe to Kyoto!

Farm to Table restaurant

Farm to Table restaurant “Ka-you(花様)” in Osaka!

• I love markets and their fresh food!  I wrote about the amazing Kuromon Ichiba Market here in Osaka published last week in Taiken, Japan. Taiken means experience! Kuromon is biking distance from my apartment and has great authentic food and local people!

• Food is primary in Japan culturally and mythologically, especially rice. I am wrote about the fabulous Otaue Shinto Rice Planting Ceremony at Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine. Lots of pictures too! 

So that’s just a few things I have published. Writing now about the on fabulous Farm to Table restaurant we ate at in Osaka Friday night with neighbors. Or staying fit by biking around to all these wonderful local markets and health food stores.




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