Peace Through Kamishibai On NHK World Radio in 17 Languages


Eiko Matsui’s Never Again Kamishibi calls for peace and No More Hiroshima, No More Nagasaki. Raise your voice for peace in the world today. Participate in the first World Kamishibai Day December 7 and call for world peace.

The NHK World Radio Piece that I was interviewed for Peace Through Kamishibai work and about my family’s history with World War II at the hands of the Japanese has aired and is available for your peace-making listening pleasure! Please share and have a listen! Links are listed below!

Never again Hiroshima! Never Again Nagasaki!

We are all one people now. No separation of countries or race! We are all bothers and sisters in peace! War is our only enemy!

Breaks my heart to see Trump separating migrant children from their families, traumatizing children the way the Japanese traumatized my father as a child separating him from his mother and siblings during the war. 

Recovering from war trauma was more difficult for my father because of the separation. These are war crimes and Trump must be stopped. We cannot remain silent. The USA commits the same crimes against humanity as the Japanese did to my father during World War II. But we can do something about it! We can call our government representatives and say STOP IT! we can insist on Peace! Peace, for the children!

Below are 17 languages URL, available from now to December 31, 2019   (Arabic)  (Bengali) (Burmese)  (Chinese)   (French)  (Hindi) (Indonesia) (Korean) (Persian) (Vietnamese) (Russian)


2 thoughts on “Peace Through Kamishibai On NHK World Radio in 17 Languages

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