Join Me on A Mythic Yoga Journey to Japan: Myth, Nature and Transformation Podcast

My good friend Valerie Carruthers, a life-long yogini and teacher, has a spiritual podcast called The Shazam Show. She invited me to talk about Mythic Yoga and my Mythic Yoga Journey to Japan in the episode, Myth and Transformation.

I talk about just about everything mythic and wonderful about Japan, including the not-so wonderful. Nature is that way, ya know! No judging what happens to you, even the difficult stuff. It just may be the best thing that could happen to you! Perfect balance. Nothing to do! Just have a listen!

Sydney Solis talks about her Mythic Yoga Journey to Japan on Valerie Carruther's Podcast, The Shazam Show. Myth and Transformation covers everything from Shinto, Joseph Campbell, Faith in Nature, and war and sex. Have a listen!
Amaterasu, the Japanese Sun Goddess, emerges from the cave.

The myths and symbols do the work for you in the depths. It’s an inside job. Silence and isolation, such as being in nature and shutting out the outside world, have their powerful effects! Priceless!

Valerie and I among my artwork at The Mythic Yoga Studio’s current location – Orlando, Florida!


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