Haiku and Haibun News, Books and Contests

A variety of offerings here regarding Haiku and Haibun, as well as some contests.

The Haibun Journal

The beautiful Haibun Journal.

The Haibun Journal out of Ireland publishes fine Haibun by international authors. The Haibun Journal includes the 2020 winners of the Genjuan International Haibun Contest. It also lists the honorable mentions, including my Haibun, Nagaranishi.

To purchase a copy, contact mail@seanmusic.com. Each copy costs Euro 7 each (excluding P & P). To buy a posted copy within Ireland costs Euro 10 and anywhere outside Ireland costs Euro 12.

Even the Mountains – Five Years in a Japanese Village

Sean O'Connor's Even the Mountains.
Sean O’Connor’s Even the Mountains.

Sean O’Connor is the publisher of The Haibun Journal and also a judge for the Genjuan International Haibun Contest. His book of Haibun, Even the Mountains – Five Years in a Japanese Village (2017 Alba Publishing) contains 20 splendid prose followed by haiku with an eye for imagery and detail that bring to life the joys, sorrows and people of this small village in Japan’s Okayama Prefecture.

Alba Publishing publishes many other titles by authors of fine Haiku, Haibun, Senryu and more.

Genjuan International Haibun Contest 2021 Open for Submissions

The Genjuan International Haibun Competition 2021 is open for accepting submissions. Submit two unpublished Haibun that are not under consideration elsewhere by January 31. The subject is open and submissions can be sent this year via email. For more information about submission guidelines, visit the Icebox blog.

New Haiku Book to be Published – I Wish

I Wish is a new book of Haiku from The Hailstone Haiku Circle in Kansai, Japan that will be available December 24. Stephen Henry Gill who is also a Genjuan International Haibun Contest judge, runs the Circle and Eigo no Haiku classes, has curated the 20th Anniversary collection, which contains 57 Haiku poets in the 104 pages. It includes three Haiku of mine, so get your copy today! They make great gifts for the holidays!

To order:

Stephen Gill teaches Haiku in English at the Senri-Chuo Culture Center in Osaka Prefecture.
Stephen Gill teaches Haiku in English at the Senri-Chuo Culture Center in Osaka Prefecture.

1) 国内 Japan  担当:山本照子 〒567-0046 大阪府茨木市南春日丘6-1-5 (tel: Yamamoto 072-627-3412 <teruyama2014@gmail.com>)

‘I Wish’ costs ¥1,200 (+ 送料¥300、送料分切手可) . Contact Teruko Yamamoto for postage and packing costs for 2 or more copies.

2) 外国 Overseas  担当:Hitomi Suzuki, 1-217 Uzumasa Sanbi-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto 〒616-8192, Japan. (<indigoapple28@gmail.com>)

‘I Wish’ costs U.S. $11 ($17 airmail, postage paid). Contact Hitomi Suzuki for postage and packing costs for 2 or more copies. You can use today’s exchange rate to calculate yen prices in US dollars.

Photo Haiku Contest

The 10th Setouchi-Matsuyama Photo Haiku Contest is now accepting submissions until January 12. Submit one of your original photographs with an original Haiku on a theme of your choice, or follow the suggested theme of “the sea.” There are entries for Japanese and English Photo Haikus.

Writers in Kyoto Present the Sixth Annual Kyoto Writing Competition

Writers in Kyoto Present the Sixth Annual Kyoto Writing Competition. THEME: Kyoto (English language submissions only) DEADLINE: March 31st, 2021 (Midnight JST) GENRE: Short Shorts (unpublished material only) WORD LIMIT: 300 Words (to fit on a single page) FORM: Short poems, character studies, essays, travel tips, whimsy, haiku sequence, haibun, wordplays, dialogue, experimental verse, etc. In short, anything that helps show the spirit of place …Read More

Lafcadio in Japan Code – Seeking a Lost Spiritual Period

Here I wearing the lovely commemorative necklace specially designed by Fujishiro Kosuzu 藤白小鈴 for the book and exhibition. I am and holding the book Lafcadio in Japan Code – Seeking a Lost Spiritual Tradition. The necklace is free when you order three books.

Now available in paperback, Lafcadio in Japan Code – Seeking a Lost Spiritual Period, contains a plethora of Japanese philosophy, mythology, artwork, Haiku and more from numerous global contributors. Masashi Nakamura, Director General of Research Center for Japanese Structural Studies, has compiled the offerings, which were in a Kyoto Exhibition this year to celebrate the anniversary of Lafcadio Hearn’s birth.

Available on Amazon.jp as well as Nakamura’s website scrolling to the bottom of the page, it includes mythical Haiku and artwork by Greek Artist Maria Papatzelou, translated into ancient Japanese by Nakamura. It also features award-winning Haiku illustrated into Haiga by Romanian Artist Ion Codrescu. My Second Place winning Haiku and his Haiga are featured here.

There is a Special Thanks Plan for 14,000 ¥, including shipping. It contains three books that make great gifts or can be donated to your local library, and one “Special Ancient Ornament” necklace created by Japanese artist Fujishiro Kosuzu 藤白小鈴 that is valued at 3000 ¥. The ornament, featuring Futaba Aoi : Kamigamo Shrine’s Crest, is a symbol of the collaborative creation that will be dedicated to Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto to commemorate the collaborative exhibition and book publication. The book also features the collaboration of Papatzelou and Nakamura’s e-book, Inner Connections of the Liquid Sky, which features Papatzelou’s artwork and Mythological Haiku that Nakamura translated into ancient Japanese. Inner Connections of the Liquid Sky is available at the Book Pit for instant download for the price of 1000 ¥.

Papatzelou has a lovely blog of her stunning Haiku and Artwork/Photography with some new work you will want to check out and follow! It is in Greek and English.

Luz Del Mes Tri-Anthology 2020

Luz Del Mez Anthologies are available and make great gifts!

The Luz Del Mes Tri-Anthology 2020 is available and makes a great holiday gift! The Quarantine Experience is the theme for this year’s anthology that collects global artists and writers’ works of Haiku, Haibun and prose about this harrowing year of 2020 and Covid-19 ravaging our world. Quarantine Haibun is my contribution to this annual anthology that Martiza M. Mejia curates and publishes.

A Few Great Haiku Websites

The Haiku Foundation It’s website is under re-construction but you can subscribe to its daily newsletter that features haiku, haiku contests and books.

The IceBox – The Hailstone Haiku Circle’s blog.

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