Furoshiki Japanese Cloth is an Eco Choice for Wrapping Holiday Gifts

My Japanese Chiropractor in Osaka gifted me for my birthday a fine bottle of sake wrapped in this furoshiki cloth.

When I think of Christmas’s past in the United States, I see an orgy of consumerism followed by a lot of trash mindlessly hauled out to the curb the next morning. Much of that trash is wrapping paper. Wrapped for a day, then discarded.

Enter furoshiki, the Japanese method of wrapping gifts with reusable cloth. The cloth comes in lovely designs and the wrapping is as creative as any origami or towel arranging.

The cloth itself becomes part of the gift, as it can be reused for another gift, turned into a wall hanging, purse, table cloth and more. It’s part of traditional Japan’s value’s of no waste, or mottainai.

It’s the end of the disposable era and the beginning of one in harmony with nature.

Go eco this Christmas and Holiday season. Find some furoshiki or make your own from cloth. Nature will thank you and so will your gift recipients!


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