My Japanese Chiropractor in Osaka Part III, or, The Memoir of My Body

My last day in Osaka, October 30, 2019, and Ueda-san gifted me some “Hapis,” and a nice bottle of sake!

It has been 16 months since my last adjustment at Yoshiyasu Ueda’s Reflex Chiropractic and Acupuncture office in Shinmachi, Osaka, Japan. Since being back home in Florida, USA under mostly sedentary Covid conditions,  I can’t tell you how much I miss my weekly appointments. Or at least my body does, as his weekly adjustments did wonders for my body and all its aches and pains. Read on and below on how he may be able to help you with your ailments too.

I still typically speak weekly with Ueda-san to keep up my Japanese and help him with his English so that he can communicate with the steady stream of English-speaking clientele who have read this blog and sought treatment with him for their numerous ailments.

I’m happy to report that people from all over the world have read my blog posts about his chiropractic skills, which include acupuncture and other Chinese medicine. The first time I visited him, he helped me enormously with issues that U.S. doctors couldn’t. After a year of sessions, many up to three hours each, I felt even better

Since those last posts, I made many other discoveries about my body no one else ever could. It’s amazing. Some of the most incredible results came from body memories that bubble up during sessions, or realizations he pointed out. A lot of memories came in a flash, memories I hadn’t thought about in decades. 

Despite years of yoga practice, I had a lot of issues with the left side of my body. He first made me aware of a left ankle injury I had forgotten about when I was 4 and twisted my ankle that didn’t heal properly. The ligaments have been stretched really beyond repair after 45 years of walking that way, but his adjustments made me feel much better. But it really threw off much of my body. My body sure misses those adjustments.

My husband took this picture of Ueda-san when he was cleaning up one day after the big typhoon that his Osaka in September, 2018.

He made me realize that my torso is twisted to the left, even collapsed. In a flash I remembered some boy in kindergarten class while we were lining up to go somewhere, this boy turned around and punched me in the stomach on the left side for no reason. I’d been collapsed there ever since, and it even twisted so much it caused my left lung to be collapsed a bit! 

My left shoulder also drooped because of a hit-and-run car accident 27 years ago. I’ve been aware of that, but just not how much it was related to the left side issues I had not. 

I always had neck and jaw pain on my right side. The reason? As a writer, my right eye, which has astigmatism,  pushes forward more, straining to see, and my face and neck are out of balance! Never wouldn’t dawned on me! Additionally, the occupational hazard of sitting and writing at a computer causes tension in the arms and shoulders from repetitive motions. Many of his clients have these issues – too much sitting at the computer or with improper ergonomics and posture. 

Additionally, the tension in my jaw and right side of my face made me aware of family trauma involving my mother. I cried on the chiropractic table when those emotions were released.  The same thing happened when he adjusted my neck and shoulders. Memories of my father and his emotional issues that affected me bubbled up out of my body’s subconscious to release their secrets. Then on my backside, emotions arose about those who bullied me and teased me behind my back during class. More tears of release. 

The amazing thing was that through his ability to read my pulse from Chinese medicine techniques and more, he determined that I had some nervous system, endocrine and pineal gland issues for a variety of reasons. A) Stress. Not easy moving to Japan at age 50, and of course lots of stress the prior 18 years of my life when my first husband died and left me a young widow with 2 little kids.  2) At age 6 months old I had a spinal tap to determine why I had such a high fever. Turned out I had toxic blood poisoning from a Shell Pest Strip hanging near my crib. Ueda-san had determined that something was not working on one side of my body. I hadn’t told him about the pest strip then. A psychic I contracted via highly recommended yoga teacher Haidar Ali in Osaka separately told me that my “Left side was broken.” SO!

Reflex Chiropractic and Acupuncture in Osaka, Japan.

I am grateful for Ueda-san’s treatments for the three years I was in Osaka. I am grateful for the Universal Health Care Japan also has. U.S insurance I get is essentially useless, even though U.S. taxpayers fork over $1400 a month for my husband and I! 

Since Covid, English-speaking patients seeking Ueda-san’s expertise have dwindled, as most were tourists. English is the lingua-franca in Asia, so his clients included Koreans, Chinese, Malaysians, Philipinoes, Europeans, South Americans, Australians, British, etc. English-speaking expats residing in Osaka, however, still visit him. I received an email just today inquiring about him, which inspired me to finally write this blog post about the above. 

I can’t emphasize enough how wonderful Ueda-san is as a health care provider and a human being. He is dedicated to his work and is so nice. I have had only one friend say he wasn’t able to help her with her issues, but other reviews have endorsed him enthusiastically. 

If you live in or are visiting the Kansai area of Japan and need help for your unresolved pain, he may be able to help you. He has seen many people who haven’t been able to be helped by other doctors or practitioners for their issues who reported feeling better with his adjustments. 

Ueda-san is delighted and grateful to see you, but there are few important things to consider when making an appointment, please.

  1. Unless you are good at Japanese, it is important to contact him by email, info(at) as he can communicate ok in English, but naturally it is difficult regardless and phone calls are also difficult. (I always had this problem too when I lived in Buenos Aires, despite being pretty fluent in Spanish. My Dutch father after 60 years of living in the USA had to have me make phone calls for him sometime, as he’d be frustrated people couldn’t understand him.) 

Making an appointment by email is best. He does accept walk-ins, but if he is with another client, it is more difficult for him to communicate and make the appointment with an English speaker then. He asks that you kindly make an appointment by email.

  1. For the initial consultation and thereafter, it is important that you schedule a 1 ½ – 2 hour session, as it takes time to diagnose and discuss in English, using the help of Google translate, etc. to communicate your issues. I always felt one hour was never enough, as I had a lot of issues. And it allows him to really access and help you better, as well as respect his time, as he is always so nice and runs overtime!
  2. The first session it may take 24 hours to feel better, and you need to rest after the session, he said.
  3. He is licensed in acupuncture and I had a few sessions of hari,鍼, as it’s called in English, to much success for some menopausal issues. Yuck!
  4. He accepts cash only or PayPay. He does not accept credit cards or insurance. You can get a receipt to be reimbursed by your insurance if you need one.
  5. Price: 1 hour – 5,000 yen, 1 1/2 hours – 7,000 Yen, 2 hours – 9,000 Yen. Plus a 10% consumption tax.
  6. His website is
  7. Address: 1 Chome-21-3 Shinmachi, Nishi Ward, Osaka, 550-0013. There is a map on his website.
  8. Hours of operation 11:00 am – 21:30 pm (11am – 9:30 pm) Friday-Wednesday.
    Thursday is his day off.

Gosh, this makes me miss Japan!!! 

May you be well and happy. Stay safe!

Sydney (sadly not in Osaka.) 


6 thoughts on “My Japanese Chiropractor in Osaka Part III, or, The Memoir of My Body

  1. Bonjour Sydney-san Thank you for your response to my mail about Buddhism such as Zen of Daisetsu Suzuki. I will read your mail carefully and would like to share it with Madoka-san and Hirako-san if you agree. Regarding this information about Chiropractic, I will contact with Ueda-san today to meet him to consult my stomach problem which I have almost abandoned to cure. Thank you for your information on many important things related with our own culture which I did not know much about.I will write again after meeting with Mr.Ueda maybe this weekend.Recently I am a little busy working in the temple of waterfall.More people want to practice it in the middle of winter than other seasons. Bonne sante et a bientot !Yuen


    • Bonjour Youen-san! thank you for your comment! Yes, please feel free to share it with Madoka-san and Hirako-san. And yes, please do visit Ueda-san! He is wonderful! I miss you all and I really miss Japan! It makes me sad!!! But all is impermanent…. Zen very helpful for that… but it still hurts! Best wishes. Sydney


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