Photo Haiku No. 1 – Azaleas in Spring

I have fond memories of sakura, and even ume-sakura viewing when I lived in Japan. I haven’t seen any cherry blossoms or plum blossoms since I’ve been back home in Florida, and my Japanese friends have been sharing with me photos of their resplendent and joyful appearance in Japan. The earliest blooms in Japan were in Hiroshima this year, second-earliest on record.

But here in Florida, the azaleas are what have captured my eye and heart, heralding in spring’s promise of rebirth with their blazing pinks, dark pinks and purples in every yard. After such a dark year and winter, I can feel the energy in everyone abuzz because of these stunning flowering bushes.

I’ve started a series of Photo Haiku, or Haipho as it’s called in Japanese Haiku circles. They will be my “Story” on Facebook, as I’ve never figured out how to really utilize that function until now. All things have their time and purpose! The azaleas inspired me to write this Photo Haiku No. 1. More to come! Enjoy!

Photo Haiku No. 1 by Sydney Solis.

Get outside and enjoy nature and write your own haiku or make a photo haiku for relaxation and to commune with Nature’s healing and spiritual beauty. And as always, all things pass, that beautiful reminder that we have only this moment, so be there to enjoy its glory!

This poem was inspired by Matsuo Basho’s haiku about persimmons ––

this old village ––

not a single house

without persimmon trees

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