Video Haiku & Haiku Book News

Well, TikTok took up a lot of my time this past month. It was so fun and I got obsessed, but then my eyes started blurring and tearing staring into my phone to make videos with tiny text.

In exhaustion, I withdrew for a while and now just post a few things, considering I really am the wrong demographic, as a lot of stuff on TikTok is pretty damn dumb and mind-numbing and I started to think Trump was right that it was a Chinese conspiracy to destroy our brains.

Haiku Film Poems on TikTok

TikTok is actually pretty fun, and I did manage to make some interesting video film poems up, including a few haiku film poems, or video haiku. Some with me dancing! I have taken up my passion for dance again, tap, jazz, ballet, even belly and burlesque dancing! Sure keeps you young.

Cat Dance Haiku and the Cat Dance Film Poem

I took some Haiku Sojourns to the wetlands within walking distance from our house in Orlando.

Video Haiku #1 – Lake Lawsona

Video Haiku #2 – Greenwood Wetlands

Prize-Winning Haibun on The Icebox

The 2021 International Genjuan Haibun contest results are in and the prize-winning haibun are published on the Icebox and will also be published in The Haibun Journal. They are rich, elegant and amazing pieces of literature. Have a read!

I Wish Haiku Book Available from Japan

If you set up a Wise account you can purchase the delightful I Wish book of haiku published by the Hailstone Haiku Circle in Kansai, Japan. I took many wonderful English Haiku classes with Poet and Professor Stephen Gill who created the tiny book that celebrates the haiku circle’s 20th anniversary. It’s a great gift, with many wonderful haiku poems in there by some fabulous international poets, including a few of my own!

Contact Hitomi Suzuki to order at

The Icebox Inbox 49 Published

I have a haiku published among other fine haiku poetry in Icebox’s Inbox Issue 49 with commentary by Sosui (Nobuyuki Yuasa). The whole blog has fabulous haiku and haibun so be sure to read more of the posts.

Words and Wonders Poetry Contest

If you happen to live in Orange, Osceola or Seminole Counties, Florida you still have time to enter the Words and Wonders Poetry Contest before the deadline April 30. Haiku, photos and nature seem to be catching on as subjects and poetic forms, as this is encouraged in the submission information. Sugoi!

The Haibun Journal 3:1 Published

The Haibun Journal Issue 3:1 is out. Be sure to get a copy, as I have a haibun, “Sea-Monkeys”, published in it. I will be attending the The Haibun High Tea¬†Zoom event Thursday April, 29th 2021 as part of Poetry Day Ireland, a series of poetry events throughout Ireland on that date.¬†

There will be 15 authors who will each read a haibun of theirs that has been published in The Haibun Journal.

More Haiku on this Blog

See my other Video Haikus and photographs of Japan.

Haiku and Bamboo

Haiku and Basho

Photo Haiku – Azaleas

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