Oshie – Japanese Collage Art with Silk

Oshie was one of the first traditional Japanese art classes I took while living in Japan. Oshie is a three-dimensional picture made from silk. Sensei Shoho Konishi teaches the art at her school in Osaka and also at The Community House and Information Center (CHIC) in Kobe.

Oshie is a traditional Japanese art that uses silk pieces to form a picture collage.
Sensei Shoho Konishi at an exhibition of her and her students’ Oshie work. The picture of the Buddha is made entirely with silk.

I am a collage artist myself, so I jumped at the chance to study with her. To save time and expenses she precuts the silk pieces that make up the picture’s pattern. Using cotton stuffing, a hot iron and glue, the tiny edges are folded around the stuffing to give the piece a raised look.

Flower motifs in Oshie art.
Of course there is always something kawaii in Japan!
Oshie Japanese fabric art
Oshie can be used for even the most famous and traditional Japanese designs, such as these panels from a Buddhist Temple in Kyoto.
Examining the intricate details of the oshie artwork.
Oshie is a
Shoho Konishi’s self portrait in Oshie.

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