My Me & Mu 無 Haibun Published in The Haibun Journal

I wrote the haibun Me & Mu 無 after visiting the Saihō-ji 西芳寺 Zen Temple in 2018. We were required to do sutra copying before viewing its famous moss gardens and landscape, which prepared our minds for the sublime event. I’m grateful and honored to announce that Me & Mu 無 is published in The Haibun Journal 4:1. I will be giving an online reading of it on April 28 at The Haibun High Tea as part of Poetry Day Ireland. All are welcome to this free event. To book your place please email .

Be sure to get your copy and read the other splendid Haibun by international authors. A copy of The Haibun Journal costs €7 each (excluding P & P). To buy a posted copy within Ireland costs €10 and anywhere outside Ireland costs €12. Please use Paypal for payments using the email address: and ensure you select payment in Euro.

Maybe you want to write an submit a haibun too!

the Saihō-ji 西芳寺 Zen Temple 
Dragonfly resting on a lotus bud the Saihō-ji 西芳寺 Zen Temple, Kyoto, Japan, 2018. Photo by Sydney Solis.

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