Sydney’s Story


I’m Sydney Solis, an American who repatriated to the United States last December after traveling and living in Japan for three years. Just in time for Covid! My values are simple living that is rich in experience, art and philosophy. Japan is like utopia for me, as it has many mindful wonders along with its traditional culture and values of living sustainably and in harmony with nature.

I loved exploring Shinto Shrines, Buddhist temples and gardens, connecting to nature and practicing yoga as I nourish my own body with amazing Healthy Japanese food! I love Japan’s zazen, gardens, artsand so much more. I’m writing about all these wonderful Japanese experiences and culture in this blog. I’m still studying Japanese, too, and talk every week with Japanese friends.

I spent 10 years as a journalist and award-winning photographer in Colorado, California, Ecuador and Mexico. Naturally, I keep up on Japan’s current events and news, and I’m also a prize-winning poet. It’s ironic that I would live in Japan, a place that was never on my bucket list because of my family’s contentious war experiences with Japan. Yet getting to know our enemies is the first step to peace, and realizing that we don’t have the whole story until we do.

I enjoy sharing on this blog my experiences and information that I’ve gathered, as well as Japan’s beauty and peace so we may apply them here in the West. This way we can achieve world peace. Enjoy! Tanoshimu!

Peace! For the Children.