In Photos: Japanese Superfood Matcha

I’m delighted to see the matcha boom in the USA. I loved matcha in Japan, for its culture, antioxidant properties as well as the quiet-alertness it gave me rather than the crash of adrenaline-depleting caffeine in coffee. And of course it’s the star in The Art of Tea and all those tasty and mindful benefits. … Continue reading In Photos: Japanese Superfood Matcha


Favorite Japanese Diet Super-Foods: Miso

Miso is one of my favorite super foods from a traditional Japanese diet. “There is no need for a doctor if you have miso,” is a traditional Japanese saying. Eaten since ancient times, miso is a staple of a traditional Japanese diet. It was an important source of protein here when a global food supply wasn't available. I love miso and eat it just about every day!

For Health and Longevity, Turn to the Traditional Japanese Diet

There are few fat people in Japan.  Most Japanese ride a bike and walk, rain or shine, and walk up and down many subway steps. Also the Japanese diet is one of the healthiest in the world, resulting in the lowest rates of obesity amongst men and women. People who stuck to Japanese dietary recommendations … Continue reading For Health and Longevity, Turn to the Traditional Japanese Diet