Wako-Ji Buddhist Temple in Photographs and Pomegranates Haibun Published

Wako-ji Buddhist Temple and pomegranates in Osaka, Japan photographs by Sydney Solis. The haibun Pomegranates has been published in MacQueen’s McQuinterly Arts and Literary Journal. The haibun was inspired by this place and its pomegranates.

重森三玲 Mirei Shigemori Residence and Rock Garden Kyoto

Rocks in Japan have long been seen as sacred, John Dougill of Green Shinto points out. In Shinto there are ‘spirit-bodies’ made of rock which form the object of worship, the idea being that ancestral spirits descend into them and are made manifest. These special rocks, known as iwakura, are hung with rice rope and treated … Continue reading 重森三玲 Mirei Shigemori Residence and Rock Garden Kyoto

My Me & Mu 無 Haibun Published in The Haibun Journal

I wrote the haibun Me & Mu 無 after visiting the Saihō-ji 西芳寺 Zen Temple in 2018. We were required to do sutra copying before viewing its famous moss gardens and landscape, which prepared our minds for the sublime event. I’m grateful and honored to announce that Me & Mu 無 is published in The Haibun Journal 4:1. I … Continue reading My Me & Mu 無 Haibun Published in The Haibun Journal

勿体無い Mottainai! As Supply Shortages Loom, Look to Traditional Japan and Thrive by Living With Less

The non-profit organization Mottainai Japan’s motto is, “In the spirit of mottainai, we continually give back to society,” The policy of selfishly wasting your enemies’ petroleum to keep up an alienated consumer lifestyle to profit global capital is over. Getting back to nature is in, and looking to Japan’s culture of Mottainai shows the way!