Sunflower Mâché — Photo Art

I saw this sunflower papier-mâché prop in the window walking in Osaka, Japan one day. I loved its originality and the black-and-white newspapers with  politicians' photos in the center. I almost walked on by, but I'm glad I didn't. Sometimes it's the little things that turn out to be unexpectedly beautiful.   This photograph … Continue reading Sunflower Mâché — Photo Art


Co-existence – When Art and Global Collaboration Meet

Maria Papatzelou and Jagoda Kalliarekou One of my great joys has been to be a part of a wonderful collaborative group of global artists, writers and thinkers that are producing some amazing projects. I've been exited to share news of the Major Group Exhibition in Kyoto, Haiku books as well as art and haiku books, … Continue reading Co-existence – When Art and Global Collaboration Meet